penny-at-newportDr Richard Goode * lecturer in theology at Newman University, Birmingham, UK * tea drinker * sky watcher * dog lover * hen whisperer * enchanted by the peripheral and lover of the liminal * prefers firelight to daylight * drawn to old paths, holloways and drovers’ roads * Mabeyan by nature * Thomasine [RS] by inclination * Hiebertian by persuasion *  detests Cornucopianism * happiest in woods and old book shops * intrigued by rooks * inspired by hedgerow foil * tends to follow trails of wood-smoke * lover of questions * mass of contradictions *

Penny blue
Why I am here

This is my perpenny-squaresonal blog that reflects my interest in all aspects of non-human life as reflected in biblical tradition and the environment. These posts represent the elements of my ongoing research, observations, issues and questions raised, things that appeal to me and all the byways and fox-trails that make research the most wonderful, fascinating and absorbing path that one can take.

I am also involved with the Newman University’s biblical studies research centre: The Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception.



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